Monday, September 19, 2005


how i love kisky.
well, its blogging time in WA!!
school is awsome. except all the sophmore guys in polaris are idiots. except josh.
rawr. i hate to say this, but on average, girls are more mature than guys.

i went to the puyallup fair!! they had flogging molly patches, and crazy-expensive food. we didnt go on any rides, because they dont give ride bracelets on Fri., and it would be about five bucks a ride. ick. saw a bunch of cool stuff though. at the marines booth, they really yell at you when you are doing pullups. PUUUUUMP!!!!
anywayz, after the fair, my scout troop piled back into the van, and went off to staff camp sheppard Mom And Me for cub scouts. it was actually awful, because my kids were ALL brats, but it was sorta fun. for one, i had free time, so i went to the bb gun range with joe and robbie, who worked it. good times, good times. i dont want to say anything incriminating, cause my parents might read it.
and at about 9:30 on sat. night, it was time to leave. then, me and robbie made history by polishing off half a cooler of kisky, wich is sugar and coolaid powder mixed with a little bit of water. we got in the van, and that 4 hour ride home was the funniest thing in the universe. for starters, robbie, this 300 pound guy put his hat on sideways, and started frontin and rappin.
im serious, that stuff is like alchohol, but without the hangover.

and at dinner, Mr. Almond got in trouble for throwing rolls from the food line into the filled mess hall. he was a server, you see. it was funny! the rolls, not the trouble.

wow. i have a packet of rice cakes right beside me, and i was eating one. but i guess that i was taking one out, taking a bite, putting it down, and getting another.

well, see you later. i have some rice cakes to eat.



Blitzkriegers, call me if you can come saturday.

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