Saturday, August 19, 2006


so how do you all do?

im doing fine. maybye its cause of the cake. it tasted good.

so, i got my sweatshirt from island lake a couple of days ago, and its very comfy. its warm, and fits just right. like a bowl of porridge.

not that i like porridge or anything, i think its gross.

so yes, i have been informed that a new yet very good friend of mine will be moving to WA from VA, which is super kewl. thats right, K-E-W-L, suckaaaas.

so i went to creation, had a blast, and me and chase bought some ginormous Jesus bling. i totally have all the parts to a gangster ensemble. its pretty tyte.

thats right, T-Y-T-E suckaaaaas.

so now school is getting ready to start, im gonna get my wisdom teeth removed on the 30th, going ta Ft. Worden on the 26th, playing video games, maybye go to the puyallup fair soon, life is good.

except for one nagging thing that sorta bothers me, but only cause i care about someones feelings, which is why i havent said anything, and just hope it goes away. dumb niceness.

but id better have at least 3 classes with josh this year, or i am gonna kill someone.

so thats pretty much it. you should call me, im prolly bored and want to talk.

Captain Earbuckle out.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


btw, my sideburns are gone. and im growing my hair out. OY!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Halo Movie

So, Peter Jackson is directing Halo:The Movie.

although i have a thousand words about that, ill give you a picture instead.

Captain Earbuckle out.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Heart Hee-Hoo Times A Billion.

lets have another thought blog. just for kicks. because i like to kick. cows.

im typing on a pretty huge moniter.
im depressed some of the time.
i miss my youth group friends.
im gonna miss island lake.
i miss alot of stuff.
the backstreet boys. oh my.
i wore shades to a rave.
i danced. with men. oh my.
me likey myspace.
get one.
people at camp=super kewl.
theres alot of movies i want to see.
to everyone who reads this, we should hang out sometime.
me like-o el cold weather-o.
i also like spanish.
i like you.
j/k, im joshin you.
because josh is actually my friend.
im learning to knit.
im gonna make like a billion scarves.
hee-hoo is making me a scarf.
my name is bearclaw.
me likey.
i love you

-Donut_Munky Zero

Friday, June 09, 2006


thats right suckaaas, im back!!!

although my little ol bloggy thing isnt as cool as joes or marlows. dumb l337 h@x0rz.

you guys should help me. waaaaah.

yeah, so ive been gone, basically because of myspace. which you all should check out here.

yeah, so im not dead anymore, though. im probably gonna be more active now, and im gonna start a Fred the Mongol page, sort of akin to Zoobith.

my life is not sucking right now. school is almost out, and im working at Island Lake as an LIT for the first half of summer. and i want a gangster hat. really bad.

and for all you guys who live in a hole in the ground, i play the drums now, with a SWEET drumset. im in like two bands, but we havent practiced, cause our barn isnt ready.

beacause we cemented our barn, and we're gonna put drywall up, and turn it into a hangout place.

oh, and we got a 55" HDTV for the barn too. right now it lives in our xbox room. ive licked it.

that is all.

Captain Earbuckle signing out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Movie Man

Ahoy thar theatre goers!!!

i have bored myself, so i made a bunch of pointless movies!!!


Water Man

Swimming Swanny

Smoking Kills

Bombay love

Cleaning Lady


Monday, March 20, 2006

Jarga Jarga Jarga

i went to a concert and got another cool jacket. it was fun.
and i ate a taco bell!!! Oi!
lets have some pics!!!

hes a funny old geezer.....

Nuns with Guns!!!!

yours truly.

eating a bullet.

how do you think i got so big and strong???



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