Thursday, February 16, 2006

Slarg Mafia

well, maybye i should post.
or maybye not.
im not going to school today.
its really cold.
i wish monkeys had fire breath.
doesnt everyone like toast?
forks are better than spoons.
old spice body spray makes a flamethrower.
how did we ever come up with slarg?
Astoria will be cool.
people move.
i finally have halo 1.
i eat cereal 85% of all my breakfasts.
say hello to your local man in pants!
apples are weird.
i was warm in my bed.
Dropkick Murphys!
i really really really want to go to a Demon Hunter concert.
why do girls like flowers??
4 foot tall teddy bears.
top ramen.
food for thought......heh heh heh
Mr. T wears funny socks.
i like fire.
guns kill people like spoons made Rosie O' Donnell fat.
there, i updated.
happy now?
i wont see cory until like tuesday.

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