Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

A Snarfle-Arfle-Frumpagus

funbox, oh funbox! small and square and dark! funbox, oh funbox, check out these nifty locks!

stupid cartoons........

anyways, here i am! alots been going on lately, so thats why i am not as up to date on blogging as i usually am. i just been chillin.......
yakama was awsome, got to serve peaple, and roof a roof! met some cool peaple, and they signed my pants. yup, every body signed my pants. includung Mr. anderson and Russ.
and we found out russ is VERY photogenic. hes a happy man!
got back from a family reunion, which was boring. none of the cousins my age came. sargle!!!!
my youth group is going on a missions trip to canada, wich i would have gone on, except the flippin family reunion was in the middle of it. so now i have nobody to go do stuff with until friday, wich is movie night. huzzah! ill be chillin wit ma homies once again.
if you have halo 2, get the multiplayer map pack. its totally worth it, the maps are so much better than the stock maps. my favorite is relic.

and whoever did that MJ thing is the awsomest person alive. i want to give you a hug.

charlie and the chocolate factory was awsome.johnny depp is a really versatile actor.
and hes not creepy, he just has a little guy tap dancing upstairs.
anyways, after i saw that, i went home with matt( no, not matt. a diff matt.) and watched red vs. blue. funniest thing on planet earth.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand im gonna go now.

ROCK ON!!!! \_/

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