Saturday, July 16, 2005

Marlow, you are Funny.

Some Pics I Thought I'd Post

Thursday, July 14, 2005


and by the way, my name is pronounced Donut Munky Zero, not Donut Munky-o



well, with all of the posts iv'e left everywhere as the phantom of the bloggs, i excpect that ill see some peaple on my bloggs.....



read, drink rootbeer, and play xbox, as some 17th century king would say.

well, read, and laugh at my stupidity, misspellings, and capitalazation errors. have fun!!

and if you havent figured it out by now, im jason.
or a duck. whichever makes more sense.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Hallelujiah! this is the xbox next, and i am SO buying one as soon as it comes out! stop drooling on your computer screens, people!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hairy legs and funny hands

Hey look, its color!!! i didnt know you could do this!
well, im back from yellowstone for a while, then ill be gone from the16th to 23rd. man, im doing so much stuff, i am no gonna see many other peaple from our church for a while. maybye friday.....

yellowstone was awsome. too all of you who havent been there, you need to go. it looks like mars in some places. there are just so many things that you dont think are possible!!

on our way back, stopped at a theme park, and it was kick butt!! coasters were awsome, and the waterpark jankin'. i got a sunburn the size of montana.

i got my new airsoft gun, and its awsome. i love airsoft!!

the new map pack for halo 2 is out, and i need to get it. i cant wait to play it.

right now im just sorta lonely. i wanna go hang with someone, maybye see fantastic four.

and some dedications:

Will Almond has the funniest hands ever,

Nathan Marlow has hairy legs,

and Nick Tamm has got the funniest fighting style everywhere. Nickwondo!

im gonna miss a FREE kutless concert this sunday. aarrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Phil is awsome. and his crooked security friend...

huzzah for indian reservation fireworks!!!

i did you know that M.R.E. heaters give off hydrogen gas?? im gonna put that knowledge to goo use.......

omigosh, if we had taped sunday night, we could have sold it to MTV for a billion dollars!!

school is gonna be here before i know it.......

one of the youngest guys in our troop fell off one of the older scouts scooters, and hurt his wrist, so we werent allowed to ride them the rest of the yellowstone trip. arrrrrrrrr...........
stupid people.


what else can i write??nothing! im running out of space!!

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