Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Heart Hee-Hoo Times A Billion.

lets have another thought blog. just for kicks. because i like to kick. cows.

im typing on a pretty huge moniter.
im depressed some of the time.
i miss my youth group friends.
im gonna miss island lake.
i miss alot of stuff.
the backstreet boys. oh my.
i wore shades to a rave.
i danced. with men. oh my.
me likey myspace.
get one.
people at camp=super kewl.
theres alot of movies i want to see.
to everyone who reads this, we should hang out sometime.
me like-o el cold weather-o.
i also like spanish.
i like you.
j/k, im joshin you.
because josh is actually my friend.
im learning to knit.
im gonna make like a billion scarves.
hee-hoo is making me a scarf.
my name is bearclaw.
me likey.
i love you

-Donut_Munky Zero

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