Saturday, December 03, 2005

Everybody Loves Pie!

Well, its been awhile since I posted, so I guess I should do it again.

tomorrow is Christmas!!!!
at least for us. See, my dad is going on travel for awhile, then we are going to Hawaii(for those who didn't know), getting back from Hawaii on Christmas Eve, then going to my grandpas to have Christmas with him. So you see, tomorrow is the only possible time!!
but IM not complaining....

well, actually, maybe I sort am. Because, it just doesn't feel like Christmas when you have it a couple of weeks early. I like waiting, and getting all excited. Of course, this means I get all my stuff super early, wick is alright. I asked for a TON of findable stuff, and let me tell you, that thing is gone be a beast. Tippmanns are so awesome......

Arg, a bunny trail! But IM done talking about tippmanns anyway.

for the few of you who haven't looked out your windows lately, it snowed on Thursday. NK almost got the day off, but then just made the buses run 2 hrs. Late. So they basically cut off first and second period. I was happy, because I had a bunch of leisure time at home before I had to go to school, and then the day seemed so short. Awesome possum.

Brenzlig Affen will have to wait till January to see any action. Guys, start E-mailing, or posting good days. remember, fields are only open Sat. and Sun.
we could do it at my house, but a field is funner. so get back to me on that.

im hungry. but i will post a picture of evil paintball guns first.

wipe that drool off the computer!

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