Tuesday, June 21, 2005


i never know what to put in those subject boxes, so forgive me if i make no sense. now im going to type somore! about what?? well, let me think....
howsabout starwars!! that movie was alright, but i didnt like a couple of things.first, General Greivous was SO underplayed. he was the coolest character in the whole movie, yet he hardly did anything. Second, it was just too short. Third, some of the dialoge was really cheesy. "Where is Padme? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

And the Question of the day:

Do you think R2-D2 could take General Greivous?

Monday, June 20, 2005


Props to my man Flaming Sniper Monkey. Thats right . You know who you are.

Oh Man

i just got back from playing ultimate frisbee. gooood stuff. now im sitting here, and its almost dark, and i dont know why i do this. nevermind, i know. its so all y'all can read my genius!! or i might just be bored, and wanting to talk to somone, and this is the next best thing. sooo, anyone here any good jokes? hee hee hee. i want to play xbox, but my sis is using the tv. ARRGH!!


why is it so hot??? this the rainy state for crying out loud! not that fond of tons of water, but isnt there a middle somewhere??

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Some of my favorite quotes:

"Cause im worth a million, billion, FA-FILLION DOLLA!!"

"I may not make an honest buck, but im 100% american."

"Shade with a gauge and Vanilla with a nine."

"Dude, is that like, totally, i mean, uhh, Dude?"

sorry, but i forgot a couple of things. vive la boy scouts!

"One whole Pound!"

and, my personal favorite,

"Grann is bad!"

"Ten Yen!"


Dude, i must have shot off a billion paintballs off of my wristrocket..
hee hee hee!
i hope it rains soon, i may have missed the trees a bit....


Hey, are beans a meat, or are the vegetables, and chocaleta is a vegetable? Or is it a meat??
or is it Dairy? or maybye its a mineral.........

and what exactly is a tootsie roll?

Soupa Groop

alrighty, im going to yellowstone, and im taking my scooter. Mad combo on old faithful!!
its gonna be sweeet. ive got tons of junk going on this summer, and im not gonna make any money. well, maybye a little bit.
does anyone else not like mowing the lawn with a passion?
i really dont like hot weather. i like wearing shorts, just not sweat.
anybody played the new splinter cell game!! flippin awsome!

were going to Vegas, Baby!

Welcome to the D 2 tha M

Blingage baby!!
i lost my original blog, so im back! Donut_Munky0, a.k.a. sarge, a.k.a. Jason is blogging!!
no intelligance here peaple, just pure washitonian typing!!!

and ive always wanted to say this....dont tell fiddy...

(looks around)


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