Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Picture Post!

this is what i did to my German jacket!!
and yes, i did chop up my flogging molly wristband, but it was REALLY dirty, and im gonna get a new one.

thats right!! hes marlow FO REAL!

cause we be ballin in da hood like any fo real suckas would....

Mike Jones!


Miiiike Jones!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Talking Muffin!

yes, shepphard has been here, and gone again. but nate, youll be sorry you missed this one. with the aid of sniper monkey, beefloaf, and andrew, we carried out the best wake-up scheme ever.
yes sirreeeee!

Alright, the setting.......
There is this A-frame, see. and there is a loft that is open to the rest of the A-frame.

The materials........
1 Air Horn
1 Cd Player
1 speaker set

The Plan......

6:20-Joe wakes up Jason. the both eagerly anticipate 6:30..
6:26-Jason wakes Marlow up.
6:28-Marlow goes downstairs and wakes up Andrew.
6:29-All is ready.....
6:30:09-Air horn starts blasting from the upper balcony!!!
6:30:14-Lights come on!
6:30:18-Joe starts blasting "Barbie Girl"!!!
6:30:22-Andrew runs around screaming at people!

6:31-we all give a victorious wookiee call, and everyone is awake.

Donut Munky out.

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