Friday, December 16, 2005

Fairfield Inn

well, here i am bloging at 10:00 at night!
we just crossed the ferry, ate, and found a hotel, and there was a compy in the lobby, so i plopped myself down and started to do pointless things, then decided to blog.
in school today, there was nothing but parties ALL DAY. im serious. it was the best school day ever.
and tomorrow we are getting on a plane to Hawaii. i dont kno if i mentioned that or not. but we are.
so, hopefully the next time i see y'all, ill be a moreno from all that sun.
i love spanish class.


At 2:51 PM, December 17, 2005, Blogger jolygood said...

*Napolean Dynamitish 'Luucky!'*

At 8:58 AM, December 21, 2005, Blogger Beefloaf said...

Your allready a moreno!


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