Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oi Oi!

Whatever. im totally gonna do this survey!

and whoever is being me is a girly-man. haha!

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite dessert? Sugary goodness......mmmmmmmmm.......

What is your favorite candy? 3 musketeers!!

What food(s) are you allergic to? YOU LOSE!!! Look at me. could i really be allergic to anything but Grann?

What do you prefer, coffee, tea, or soda (and what type)? Barqs rootbeer baby!!!

What sports do you like (or do you not like sports)? Football, Basketball, Paintball, Soccer,Hugging........waaaaait.......

Do you have an Amazon wishlist (if so, let me know the URL or username)? heck no!

Do you like to buy stuff for your house? If it happens to include dynamite.....

What is your favorite TV show (current)? Fairly Oddparents!!! Cosmo is my role-model.

What pets do you own, if any? and how many? A billion.

What are your hobbies? Paintball, Boy scouts, Fire, Music, School, Friends, Airsoft, Killing people, Robbing the bank of England, Kisky.......

Do you prefer to pamper yourself or rough it? Rough it!!

What is more important to you, cost or comfort? Cost. And Comfort. Wheeeee!

What do you mostly spend your money on? Everything. Seriously.

Video or DVD? DVD all the way.

Democrat or Republican (or something else)? REPUBLICAN!! Mud on Gregoire!!

Political or non-political? Very political. Ask Joe. hee hee.

What is your favorite article of clothing? I love hats! i didnt bring my whole collection out to virginia. you have no idea.... ANDMYAWSOMEGERMANjacket!!!

Do you like getting dressed up or hate it? secret AGENT MAN! secret AGENT MAN!!
But seriously, kung-fu makes hecka-lot-o-wrinkles.

Like to shop (offline) or not? YESYESYES!!!!!!!

Like to shop (online) EBAY dodododododoodod EBAY!!

Kleenex or handkerchief? Dude, toilet paper.

Do you celebrate your birthday? only by having people over and shooting at them in videogames AND in paintball.

Christmas? heck yes, i looooove christmas time!

CD's or MP3's (or something else)? I eat Joe. anything that i can listen too is fine.

Is music an important part of your life? Hmmmmmmmmm........

What type of music do you generally listen to? POOP ON COUNTRY!! and it says so on my profile. lazy bums.

Do you play any instrument (if so, how well)? Deeeeeep in my dark, dank, (and often smelly) past..........

Like to travel, or not, or not sure? I love road trips with me home boys. That was not weird at all.

What is your favorite vacation spot? VIRGINIA!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Some magical place where all my friends lived together, 10 minutes away from everything, and they give you drivers licenses at 15.

Prefer renting or owning a home? I would rather own my stuff.

If you had to live in an apartment, would you prefer upstairs or downstairs? Upstairs

Prefer maid service or cleaning it yourself? I dont like cleaning, soooooo moms!! i mean maids. whatever. pie!

Do you want to be buried or cremated? Buried in the dirt.

Are you a calm person or do you get upset/excited easily? KISKYKISKYKISKY!!

What three things would you want to have on a desert island? I dont do desert islands. say the desert or something.

Do you plan ahead or put things off to the last minute? PROCRASTINATE!

Are you a worrier or not? about some stuff, but mostly i just follow the flow.

In a group of people, do you usually let other people decide things or do you like to take charge? usually a follower, but a loud follower. true story.

What is your favorite flower? I dont usually eat flowers, but if you insist..

Mac or PC? Xbox!

What is your favorite computer game, if you have one? Kitten Cannon. There will be links soon...

Prefer Dogs or cats? both.

Which do you prefer, camping or going to a luxury hotel? Camping is cooler, but nothing beats free food!

Do you enter sweepstakes or play the lottery (both or either)? I am the lottery. wow. that made no sense whatsoever.

Do you prefer winter or summer? Fall.

Do you like to use the A/C in the summer or prefer to open windows? Washitonians dont have A/C. we do have AC/DC though!

Do you keep your curtains and blinds open or shut? Heck no! Open!

Do you know your neighbors very well? stories, stories......

At a party, would you stay just with people you know, or try to meet new people (or a little of both)? At a kisky

If you were going on a trip, would you make hotel reservations or try to find a place after you get there? Jack a room off Pedro. Im tired.

Do you plan all your activities ahead when you go on vacation, or just play it by ear? I play with Joes ears

Do you have a calendar where you keep track of your appointments and events, or not? Me?

Do you own a Palm pilot or similar device? Is it a fun toy, mere convenience, or something you can't live without? Heck no!

If you have a CD burner in your pc, do you know how to use it? No, i have never burned CDs for my friends. *cough cough*

If you were in a karaoke bar and your friends paid you $100 to go up and sing alone, would you? Call me, and ask me to sing Back In Black. And i would do it for no money.

Are you the type of person who gets embarrassed easily or do you not care what people think? Is there a reason for this question? its just taking up space.

What is the worst experience you ever had? Dunno


Do you prefer salty or sweet foods? Sooo hungry.... i want a CrunchWrap supreme from Taco Bell soooooooo bad right now.....

Do you collect anything? If so, what? Everything you cant have in school. stupid school.

How many states, provinces, or countries have you lived in? 2 states.

How old are you (or, you can give your decade)? 15

What is one issue or cause you feel strongly about? Idiots and girly-men.

What are three things we might be surprised to know about you? 1) I actually have my serious moods. just not around Marlow. 2) Grann is Bad. (its true!) 3) YOURE ALL IDIOTS!! no, not really. group hug!

If you could do anything you wanted in terms of profession/career, what would it be? Rock Star!!!!!

and thats me. like you didnt know that already. Joe! Go on 40 acre trip! we'll hunt down tigger!

Will is awsome. pray for him.

Thus, I end.


At 6:05 PM, October 13, 2005, Blogger Sniper Monkey said...

wow jason, that was deep. by the way "Oy Oy" would actually be spelled "Oi Oi"

At 10:10 PM, October 13, 2005, Blogger Donut_Munky0 said...


At 4:58 AM, October 14, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

yeah, Jason, I didn't know you had it in you. And are you sure it's not spelled "Oui Oui."

At 9:33 PM, October 14, 2005, Blogger James C. Almond said...

I still have nightmares about that “Oy Oy”, sound. I think we should talk about your interests in life. You may want to consider a hobbie of educational value not involving penguins. Thanks for praying for my brother.


At 7:27 PM, October 15, 2005, Blogger Sniper Monkey said...

No, it's OI OI!! There's like a whole genre of music called oi oi music. like:
Dropkick Murphys
The Pogues
The Tossers
Real McKenzies
yeah. see.
And james. you know were coming. were not done. not yet. not ever.

At 9:57 PM, October 15, 2005, Blogger James C. Almond said...

Do you work for the IRS?

At 5:25 PM, October 16, 2005, Anonymous The IRS said...

Sir we need to talk. We have evidence that you have not been paying your Federal Income Tax. This is punishable by up to 10 years in jail and/or a 100,000 dollar fine. Remember, "If you help Uncle Sam, he'll take your rights away." Wait a minute, I think I meant to say: "If you help Uncle Sam, He'll help you."

At 8:18 PM, October 16, 2005, Blogger Beefloaf said...

Was that Spam????????????????

sure is cool though

Your not even legal and the govt. is after you...hahahahahahahah!!!!

At 8:19 PM, October 16, 2005, Blogger Beefloaf said...

Bobladen has a blog


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