Thursday, June 30, 2005


this is probably the last you are going to hear from me for awhile. i have like three week long trips this month, so im missing a ton of cool stuff our youth group is doing. WHY?? because i like going places with cool peaple, thats why. jinga-jinga!!

and now i feel like a music rant.
i hate hilary duff!!
my sister was blasting it in the shower this morning, and it was so freaking annoying!! arrrr.....
i prefer bands that are actually bands, not teens who got there fame from junk like "the lizzie macguire show" or whatever its called. aaagh, she sings about such stupid stuff too!!
lalalala and im in love lalalala, but i hate him now lalala arent i awsome lalalala


no talent whatsoever. and it bugs me that my sisiters have such a limited range of music. jump 5, and hilary duff. thats it. and they are both crud.

and have you seen how many differnet styles of music there are, in the edgy music category, theres like emo, grunge, garage, screamo, metal, deathmetal, hard rock, and soooo many more. although i dunno, maybye having that many sub-catagories is good for something.

and i did post on bethanys blogg! watcha talkin bout, fool?? (heh heh heh)

soooo, thats it for awhile! i dont epect to get back into full swing until about the 30th. seeyall later!

rock on!!!! \_/


At 12:37 PM, June 30, 2005, Blogger chef ninja pirate with a wisk said...

ya i hate her see SUCKS!!!!!!!!! and since whin is pop the only music to win awardes gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. what about rock the only good stuf out there along with punk, punk rock, rap metal, hard rock, pop rock, all that good stuff. i hate pop soooooooo fricken much. oh ya i called in a pillow air strike.

At 6:28 AM, July 01, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

Agreed. I saw Jump5. They lipsync so they can do their little flips, but then one is wearing a skirt and the other one's hair is too long to flip. So they go skipping around the stage. And they TRIP! I mean like tie your shoes!! Grr.

I like Clair De La Lune. Which is like the pop of classical, but I still like it.

*hides in pillow bunker*

At 6:31 AM, July 01, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

Has anyone ever considered that Joe could be Jason's alter-ego?
*duh duh duh*

At 8:54 AM, July 01, 2005, Blogger Donut_Munky0 said...

now thats just crazy talk!
ill show you a picture of him when i come out there.

At 11:50 AM, July 01, 2005, Blogger chef ninja pirate with a wisk said...

dude joe is no alter-ego joe is just... joe and in no way shape or form is joe a alter-ego

At 8:04 PM, July 02, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

Well I still think you're all crazy. They did a recall on those jackets you know, after they found out the nazis put s potion on them to make you weird and crazy. That's what happened to hitler.

At 8:43 PM, July 02, 2005, Blogger chef ninja pirate with a wisk said...

ya you shoud see my mustach

At 11:28 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

you're right I should. Cut it off and send it to me. Jason can bring it back for you.

At 7:25 PM, July 08, 2005, Blogger The Fool said...

When should I be expecting the mustache? I don't want to leave it in the mail box to get moldy.


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